Speaking of the harvest…

posted on 12 July 2011
The curtain has gone up on the 2011 harvest… rather earlier than usual: we in fact started picking in mid-August. Spring this year, which was particularly hot and precocious, already made us think that there would be an early harvest, even if June and July – unusually cool but with just the right amount of regular rainfall – slightly slowed down ripening. But then along came the crazy, Sahara-like temperatures of the second half of August to speed things up again. In view of the sudden drop in acidity that accompanied the final stages of ripening, we were particularly concerned with preserving the freshness and healthiness of the fruit, so as to obtain wines that were still naturally fresh and well-balanced. The 2011 vintage, however, is promising great things for the future and it is years since we saw such fine, healthy grapes and fruit that was so “easy” to pick and select for the various products that we want to make. It is true that we have some particularly early-ripening varieties, such as Chardonnay and Pinot Nero, and we are therefore always among the first to start picking. Still, up till now, we are more than happy with the decisions we have made so far. We already have in the winery – indeed it is just finishing its fermentation – the Rosé from Pinot Nero and we have also finished gathering the white grapes that will form the basis for the Rinè. The grapes for the production of the Sole di Dario sweet wine, too, have already been put into wooden crates for drying… the excessive amount of rainfall didn’t allow us to make it in 2010, but this year we have brought in some fabulous grapes which allow us to look forward to an excellent result. And now we are busy picking Merlot, Rebo and Marzemino, which promise to give us concentrated, full-bodied wines. But, all the same… good heavens! We didn’t even have time to draw breath this year!!! It’s all just been one mad rush… whatever happened to our holidays??? Save these dates: Profumo di Mosto 2011: On Sunday 9th October, 2011, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.. You can visit some of the wineries in the Valtènesi and enjoy a plate of local food together with a glass of one of our wines… It really is a unique experience going into the cellars whilst the aroma of fermenting must still fills the air. Mercato dei Vignaioli Indipendenti (Market of Independent Vignerons): 3rd and 4thDecember, 2011, in Piacenza. We too will be at this fair/market: we are in fact members of the Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti, whose mission is as follows: To defend a profession, a philosophy and the craftsmanship that represents the knowledge, passion, history and culture of Italian Wine info@fivi.itTake a look at this website: We think that this is one of the few worthwhile associations for small producers like ourselves, and one which really defends our interests. Sovversivi del Gusto (the Subversives of Taste): we have decided to join this passionate and very unconventional group. Back in May, its organisers hired a little train that leaves from Iseo and passes through the Val Camonica, on which – for the entire day – we offered our products and those of other producers for sampling by the people who had decided to share in this leisurely Sunday “Journey in Taste”. It was really crazy and fun… why don’t you take a look?!!!: We’ll call it a day for now: the tractor awaits us… Cristina and Diego

Harvest 2023

posted on 22 November 2023
It was a year of very hard work. Bad weather dealt us repeated blows, first with heavy rains all the way through the spring and a good part of the summer, then with torrid heat in late July and early August. Nonetheless, we were successful in bringing a satisfactory crop into the cellar, both in quantity and quality.

Happy New Year to all!

posted on 24 January 2023
Once again, we find ourselves confronting another challenging year. True enough, Covid is finally largely behind us, but there is still a general climate of uncertainty, underscored by the war at Europe’s borders, whose impact is anything but negligible. The opening weeks of the year bring all of us the opportunity to renew our resolutions and launch new projects. We all must face our problems with optimism and hope, doing our own part with commitment and honesty. And now, on to what is happening at Catrina and what we’re planning…

Random considerations regarding drought

posted on 9 September 2022
Piante siccità
Drought, increasingly frequent now, is one of the signs of climate change in action, but for those who live in Europe, our current 2022 constitutes a true, and significant, turning point. It’s no longer a matter of numbers, statistics, appeals from environmentalists and scientists: each one of us, throughout this dry year
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