The Befana at Cantrina

posted on 6 January 2014
By now it has become a tradition at Cantrina: Cristina and Diego take advantage of this traditional Italian Epiphany celebration to wish everyone a Happy New Year. At a time that is a difficult one for so many people, we have to show ourselves even more optimistic and forward-looking, and the Good Witch, our beloved Befana, will surely bring a measure of healthy irony and wisdom… The very latest developments at Cantrina: SCREWCAP: We know, of course, that there is nothing particularly negative or innovative about this type of closure that many producers have been using for some time now, but we have thought about it long and hard. The result is that Rosanoire 2013 will benefit from a screwcap (a Stelvin, to be precise). We are convinced that this is the best way to preserve over time a wine’s freshness and overall character, reduce use of added sulphites, and to avoid the dreaded problem of a “corked wine.” We are certain that our customers will understand and appreciate this change. GROPPELLO DOC OR VALTENESI DOC? for Cantrina they are the same thing… As some of you already know, the new Valtenesi DOC has been in effect for a couple of years now (you can read the production code at this link), and we producers in Valtenesi consider it important to support the name of our growing area through the DOC, which designates the main variety planted in this area, the indigenous groppello grape. Beginning in September 2013, then, our Groppello will bear the new Valtenesi DOC label, but without altering its hallmark characteristics: freshness, easy drinkability, cleanness, and superb fruit. It will contain 10-15% of another variety, in order to increase its richness and body, and to give it further potential for long-term ageing. A DAY WITH PROPOSTA VINI: January 2014 As they do every year to promote their new year’s catalogue, Proposta Vini, our partner for wine distribution, will make available a full day for wine-sector professionals (restaurants, wine shops, wine bars, etc.) to taste wines and to personally meet their producers. Obviously, we will be there too, with our wines! PROWEIN, 23 -25 March: For the first time, Cantrina will be present at Prowein in Düsseldorf, Northern Europe’s most important wine show, thanks to an invitation from Merum, the Swiss wine magazine that is also widely read in Germany as well. You can find us at Merum’s group stand, in Hall 3, Stand R50, for a select group of Italian producers of wines from indigenous grapes. Germany is one of our most important markets, and not only for the many Germans who come each year to Lake Garda, and we would like to grow our presence in the north of that country. WORK IN VINEYARDS AND CELLAR: Thanks to a particularly mild autumn and beginning of winter, we have begun to prune, slowly, very deliberately, our vines, while most of the work that we are doing is performed in the wine cellar, finishing racking the new wines and preparing for upcoming bottlings. Soon to be in the bottle are our Rosanoire 2013, a href="" target="_self">Zerdì 2011, and Nepomuceno 2009. RE-STYLED WEBSITE: Have any of you already noticed the re-design of our website? It’s been up just a little under a month now. I would really like to know what you think of it. NEW VINTAGES RELEASED: And last but not least, we remind you that January will see the release of our Nepomuceno 2008 and Riné 2012. Thank you so much for the consideration you have given us, and have a GREAT NEW YEAR! Cristina and Diego

Harvest 2020

posted on 5 November 2020
Warm greetings to you all! It’s already late autumn and therefore the time to draw some overall conclusions about the 2020 harvest that just ended. We mentioned in our last newsletter that in our area, and in particular for those of us who have chosen the path of farming organically, it was certainly a difficult growing year, with plenty of heavy rains, sometimes along with hail, that accompanied us from June on, almost right up to the start of harvest

Harvest 2020

posted on 2 September 2020
Vendemmia 2020 Cantrina
We’re just about there...This year, too, we’re almost into harvest. That despite a winter that was among the warmest and driest in memory, despite the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown, decked out in gloves and masks; despite the late spring and near-rainless summer; despite hail here and there that did some damage; despite the ultra-vigorous foliage in the vineyards that made us re-double our efforts to ward off fungal attacks and carefully monitor the crop; and despite all the large and small problems that we have to always confront every day “on the grape-growing front”.


posted on 12 January 2020


This coming March, the new 2018 vintage of Riné, its second vintage as a certified organic wine, will debut on the market under a screw cap for the first time, and so we want to talk a bit about this type of closure. We have been using this closure for some years now for Rosanoire, and since last year for our latest-born Valtènesi Chiaretto. We have found the results positive in terms of cellarability, soundness, and crispness, in particular over the medium- and long-term; our customers, often tired of opening wines that were tainted, have expressed full satisfaction.
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