A busy Spring in Cantrina

posted on 21 March 2014
A busy Spring in Cantrina These sun-filled days are gorgeous, and nature is in full flower. We winegrowers are always keeping a wary eye on the sky and our mind on the growing season: we hope it’s a good beginning… But we’ll talk about the season a bit later; let me tell you first about what’s going on here at Cantrina. PROWEIN As I’m writing this, I’m finishing preparations for ProWein; in fact, I’m almost out the door! Cantrina was invited by Merum to participate for the first time in the most important wine show in northern Europe, on 23-25 March. Germany is very important for us, both for current sales as well as what we could do there in the future. Come see us in Hall 3 at Stand R50. Vinitaly 2014: It’s going to be a very busy spring! We’ll be present with all of our wines at Vinitaly, only on Sunday 6 and Tuesday 8 April. Come visit us at the Consorzio Valtènesi group stand in Padiglione Regione Lombardia Palaexpo, stand C 9, zona Valtènesi. Marketing news: The 2013 vintage of Rosanoire is out, featuring the Stelvin screwcap. April will see the release of Groppello 2013 2013, and Zerdì 2011 2011 too will be out very soon. National association Le Donne del Vino (Women in Wine) Just a few days ago, I completed my term as Lombardy Delegate to the Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino. 2013 was a year filled with important activities. We took part in the festivities in Milan for the 50th anniversary of Coin, participated in the  Italia in Rosa project, quickly organised the celebration of the Lombardy Delegation’s 25th birthday, helping an important non-profit, upgraded our communications, and… I’m surely forgetting something! I have worked very hard at times, but also experienced great satisfaction. This responsibility has given me the opportunity of getting to know the association much better and to see its future potential, and naturally to understand its limits as well. So Good-bye for now, as I get ready for ProWein (see you there?). Cristina

Random considerations regarding drought

posted on 9 September 2022
Piante siccità
Drought, increasingly frequent now, is one of the signs of climate change in action, but for those who live in Europe, our current 2022 constitutes a true, and significant, turning point. It’s no longer a matter of numbers, statistics, appeals from environmentalists and scientists: each one of us, throughout this dry year

2021 year-end report

posted on 17 December 2021
Here we are at the end of 2021, and it has been even more stressful and challenging from various points of view: the freeze we had in the spring; the uncertainties we are all aware of, that make it so hard to make long-term plans; the work that we had to do, which exceeded all mid-year and later projections; and finally our usual autumn newsletter is off the presses so late. Cantrina is known for producing, in very limited editions, wines whose hallmarks are decisive personalities and strong characters, in some cases utterly unique, wines that targeted to niche markets of dedicated wine-lovers and represent the quintessence and vital spirit of our winery.

Virtual tour and new e-commerce

posted on 27 August 2021
Over the past few months, we have been working on a new project that we are now ready to launch. With the goal of cancelling geographical boundaries and reducing the distance between all you loyal wine-lovers, we have re-structured, updated, and enlarged our mygroppello platform. This virtual universe will allow you to relate to our partners abroad and to purchase what we produce at Cantrina. We also improved our tours here at the winery, which you can now book online both at and at mygroppello; for all of you Amici di Cantrina who are reading this, nothing will change, and tours will obviously remain complimentary. Just access our online calendar and come see us: we’re ready to welcome you here with our usual straightforward simplicity. For those of you farther away, and those who would like to know more about us before coming, mygroppello also has a section dedicated to a virtual tour of Cantrina, our uniquely-easy way of helping you to discover our small universe here at Cantrina.
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