Newsletter in the rain

posted on 12 April 2013
…nothing but rain, rain, and more rain… I swear that we have NEVER seen such a season!!! This has been a growing year that starting way back in autumn has brought rain practically every week, even though the winter was not particularly severe. One must exercise patience, and we know that “it never rains forever,” and that the sun does eventually appear. So, we can only hope. The activities in the vineyard are proceeding slowly (see above paragraph!), but things are going very nicely in the cellar. After bottling in January, we released Rosanoire 2012, and then in March Zerdì 2010 and Groppello 2012 went into bottle. The former may have to wait a few months, but the second is ready now, and the bottles are now on their way to the retail shelf. The first customer reactions have been very positive, further proof that despite the rather bizarre weather, the 2012 vintage has been a very, very good one, at least for Cantrina. While waiting for spring to finally emerge with all of its long-awaited life-force, we can report the good news that on 8 March, right on the date for International Women’s Day, I became a delegate for the Lombardy region of Donne del vino, Women in Wine. This is a new opportunity for me, and will allow me to utilise my experience as a wine producer and as board member of the Consorzio Valténesi. I will be working closely with my colleagues in creating regional- and national-level projects to promote the culture of wine from a woman’s unique point of view. For those not familiar with Donne del Vino, we are not just wine producers, but also sommeliers, restaurateurs, wine shop owners, journalists, and more, all of us working professionally, and with passionate dedication, in the wine world. At the moment, for example, we are planning an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the organisation. Here are two young, attractive women of wine… We’ll see what I manage to do, in the midst of the thousands of things I already have to do in my job, but I do like to commit my energies to organisation activities, as long as everyone pitches in. Up to this point, I have found that my colleagues are very team-oriented and have terrific ideas, so… full steam ahead! Cristina

Harvest 2023

posted on 22 November 2023
It was a year of very hard work. Bad weather dealt us repeated blows, first with heavy rains all the way through the spring and a good part of the summer, then with torrid heat in late July and early August. Nonetheless, we were successful in bringing a satisfactory crop into the cellar, both in quantity and quality.

Happy New Year to all!

posted on 24 January 2023
Once again, we find ourselves confronting another challenging year. True enough, Covid is finally largely behind us, but there is still a general climate of uncertainty, underscored by the war at Europe’s borders, whose impact is anything but negligible. The opening weeks of the year bring all of us the opportunity to renew our resolutions and launch new projects. We all must face our problems with optimism and hope, doing our own part with commitment and honesty. And now, on to what is happening at Catrina and what we’re planning…

Random considerations regarding drought

posted on 9 September 2022
Piante siccità
Drought, increasingly frequent now, is one of the signs of climate change in action, but for those who live in Europe, our current 2022 constitutes a true, and significant, turning point. It’s no longer a matter of numbers, statistics, appeals from environmentalists and scientists: each one of us, throughout this dry year
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