When it's nice to play while working ...

posted on 1 June 2016
Really nice evening, the one spent on 17 May at Alma (the International School of Italian Cuisine), starring Chef Riccardo Camanini (Lido 84) and his menu, partially performed, with the students of the upper school course. The dishes, excellent, to accompany them the wines of Cantrina, the game consisted of some unusual combinations, the (passito) with an Oyster on a bed of Topinanbur cream and red Vermouth, or a creative version of Eggplant parmigiana with the Free Exercise of Style 2010 (rosé of petit verdot in purity matured in barriques)… beautiful, fun and dynamic. The combinations were presented by Roberto Gardini. Good guys! and thanks for the evening

The wine-grower’s post-harvest wrap-up

posted on 27 October 2017
Considerazioni del produttore
Now that the fermentations are nearly finished, it’s time for our usual overview with respect to the 2017 harvest—or perhaps better, the 2017 vintage year. As expected, the extremely hot weather and lack of rainfall—some 60% less than normal– that marked the entire season brought the harvest forward by two full weeks, which meant that on 18 August the first pinot noir clusters for Rosanoire were already in the cellar, and the white grapes came in just one week later.
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