Azienda Agricola Cantrina ad Astino del Gusto

posted on 16 October 2017
Venerdì 13 ottobre.   Una serata di degustazione nella bellissima cornice del Monastero di Astino, monumento millenario immerso nel verde ai piedi di Bergamo. Bellissimi ed eleganti allestimenti durante le degustazioni di eccellenze locali e dell’est lombardia, rappresentate da Chef e da cantine. E’ stato veramente un piacere agli occhi e al palato… E’ sempre gratificante essere una delle poche cantine selezionate a far parte delle eccellenze del nostro territorio.

Spring is pressing on “full speed ahead”

posted on 20 April 2017
Spring is pressing on “full speed ahead”, and the vineyard is rushing right along with it… The vines budded out quite vigorously this year, and helped by the warm temperatures of recent weeks, vine growth is running some two weeks ahead of norm.


posted on 8 February 2017
Azienda Agricola Cantrina
If any of you visited us recently, you will have noticed on entering that a good part of the small vineyard growing at the entrance and covering the cellar was grubbed up. Was it because of the wrong rootstock, or maybe too many passes with the tractor compacted the soil, or the wrong grape variety for the soil, poor-quality vines, or…? As a matter of fact, a good part of the vines were in bad condition and even dead, so much so that we had to take them out.

German taste

posted on 20 November 2016
I’ve just returned from the annual K&U tasting days in Nuremberg; it is always a delight to be there as a wine producer. Martin, Chistopher, Dunia and their entire staff were fantastic, and there was the usual large group of customer-tasters. The most enjoyable part was being able to exchange opinions on wine with producer-friends from France, Austria and Germany, all in a relaxing context of laughter and enjoyment
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