Still in cork, but in the future… who knows?

posted on 25 February 2015
Thank you very much for participating in our survey. All of your opinions were valuable to us, and we would like to report to you what we have decided regarding screwcaps for our Valtènesi (Groppello) and Riné. In spite of the strong preference by sector professionals in favour of screwcaps, we realize that it is still premature for Cantrina to utilise screwcaps for the larger part of our wines. Most of our customers view Cantrina, in fact, as a winery that produces niche wines, with a limited, but very high-quality portfolio. Despite all of the advantages represented by an alternative closure, as opposed to cork, according to the most widespread way of thinking, for a wine that is considered high quality, and especially for those of very limited production, natural cork is a more appropriate closure. So for Riné 2014 and Groppello 2014 we will continue to use the classic cork closures, … but who knows what the future will bring? For our Rosanoire rosé, however, we are quite happy to use the screwcap! Again, many thanks for your invaluable help! Cristina and Diego

Mercato dei vini dei Vignaioli Indipendenti 2013

posted on 14 November 2013
Anche quest’anno potrete trovarci presso Piacenza Expo al Mercato dei Vini dei Vignaioli Indipendenti dal 30/11/13 al 01/12/13.
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