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Riné gains a screw cap

Posted By Azienda Agricola Cantrina On 13 January, 2020 @ 08:19 In Producer says | Comments Disabled

This coming March, the new 2018 vintage of Riné [1], its second vintage as a certified organic wine, will debut on the market under a screw cap for the first time, and so we want to talk a bit about this type of closure.
We have been using this closure for some years now for Rosanoire [2], and since last year for our latest-born Valtènesi Chiaretto [3]. We have found the results positive in terms of cellarability, soundness, and crispness, in particular over the medium- and long-term; our customers, often tired of opening wines that were tainted, have expressed full satisfaction.
Riné [4]
So, after these years of trials and careful study, we decided to give a screw cap to Riné as well, something that would add to the well-known ageability of this distinctive white, allowing it to preserve even greater aromatic intensity, a characteristic particularly expressive in the 2018 vintage. Given the screw cap’s sterility and hermetic seal, bottling wines is definitely made much easier, since less sulphites need to be used, which adds up to greater respect for the wine itself, for the terroir, and for the health of the consumer.

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