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April: news from the Vineyards

Posted on 4 May, 2016 by Azienda Agricola Cantrina in Newsletter

Two “start of the season” news items

  1. In the vineyard at the growing season kick-off
After an especially gorgeous, sunny winter, spring exploded on us with a force and speed that fairly took our breath away. The vines seemed to just take off with the new season, and very early, too, under the impetus of almost summer-like temperatures, and right now they are developing at a pace of about two weeks earlier than usual.
A first examination seems to confirm a good, regular budbreak and a fruit set that seems to promise a crop, maybe even too abundant, but the season has a long way to go yet…


Meanwhile, we are still on track with regard to conversion to organic viticulture. This year we are trying out mechanical ground-working in the vine-rows; we’ve resurrected an old piece of equipment that had been forgotten for years, and although it requires a lot more effort we think it can have a favourable impact on the vineyards.

  1. Bottling
We will soon be bottling the Valtènesi 2015, our 100% Groppello, and we can confidently say Yes, the 2015 harvest is an excellent one, especially for this wine that enjoys a special place in our affection.
For the first time, in fact, we have been able to bottle a Groppello sourced exclusively from grapes grown by us from a vineyard we rented starting last year and from the new vineyard planted in 2013 and we are convinced that you can taste the difference in the glass.
In July it will be the turn of Rinè 2015, which has for some time now displayed consistency in quality and character, and of Nepomuceno 2012. With the latter we are still working towards a wine that is attractively austere and straightforward, avoiding the “trending sweet” taste of certain markets.


  1. We’re open and you can reserve a visit
Don’t forget that if you would like to taste our wines in the cellar or purchase any it’s better to call or send us an email before the arrival. Saturday is the day when we have the most time to devote to your visit, but it’s always better to let us know ahead of time.


  1. Our next events

Italia in rosa, 10-12 June, from 5.00-11.00pm at the Castello di Moniga del Garda, where you can taste our Rosanoire 2015.

Cristina and Diego

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