Slow Wine award

Slow Wine 2020 Guide gave us the following award:


symbol assigned to the company that has a good price/quality ratio for any bottle introduced during tastes. 

VINO QUOTIDIANO – Riviera del Garda Cl. Groppello 2018: Groppello Bio 2018

excellent bottle according to a sensory point of view, sold for less than 10,00 € in winehouses 

Riconoscimento Slow Wine 2020


Slow Food will present Slow Wine 2020 on 12th October at 10:30am, at Teatro Verdi Montecatini terme. The presentation will be followed by a taste of the wines awarded, at Terme Tettuccio from 2:30pm to 7:30pm.
There will be also our Groppello Bio 2018.

Groppello Cantrina