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Cork or Screwcap? That is the question

Posted on 11 febbraio, 2015 by Azienda Agricola Cantrina in Hersteller erzählt

I would like to solicit your opinion regarding use of screwcaps. As a consequence of the positive results with our Rosanoire 2013 and 2014, we are evaluating the possibility of using it on our other wines.

These are the considerations as we see them:

  • Improved wine preservation and freshness;
  • Improved practicality and economy for users of “un-screw-re-screw” mechanism, certainly superior to traditional closures;
  • Low environmental impact, closure re-cyclability and protection of cork forests that over recent years have been decimated by wildcat bark-stripping;
  • Drastic reduction of sulphites added at bottling, thus benefitting health of the wine and of the consumer;
  • End of all those objectionable sensory alterations due in some measure to cork closures.

Your opinion regarding this subject would be most appreciated, seeing that our current plan is to use screwcaps fairly soon on our Valtènesi 2014 and Riné 2014…

There wouldn’t be any problems from a technical point of view, but what is your opinion?

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